Fire Extinguisher Balls for N22,000

Your Home Saved, EVEN While You're Away: Introducing the Fire Extinguisher BALL That FIGHTS FIRES AUTOMATICALLY!

Don't wait for a disaster to strike. Get your AFO Fire Ball today and give yourself peace of mind!

Imagine this: You’re on vacation, miles away from home. Suddenly, a fire breaks out. But instead of panic, you have a secret weapon: the Fire Extinguisher BALL.

This incredible device sits silently, waiting for its moment. Then, as flames erupt, the BALL springs to life, automatically exploding and smothering the fire before it can cause any damage.

Watch the Fire Extinguisher Balls in Action

No more bulky extinguishers, no more risking your life! This revolutionary BALL is:

This isn’t just a fire extinguisher, it’s a GUARDIAN ANGEL for your loved ones and belongings. Don’t wait for disaster to strike. Get your Fire Extinguisher BALL today and breathe easy knowing you’re protected, even when you’re not there.


Mrs Aisha *** Lagos


I used to be a nervous wreck at the market. One spark and my livelihood could vanish. The Fire Ball has changed everything. It’s like a silent guardian angel, watching over my stall. Knowing it automatically springs into action if flames appear gives me immense peace. It’s the best security investment I’ve ever made.

Seyi *** Ibadan


What I like most about this Fire Ball is how it’s so easy to use. No heavy extinguisher to carry, no chemicals to smell. I just put it near my workshop, and I know that if petrol or engine oil catches fire, the Fire Ball will quench it quickly. No more fire worries

Rita*** Asaba


Nigerian parties are full of life – food, dancing, candles… lots of fire risk! But not anymore. The Fire Ball is my secret weapon! A small kitchen fire? I handle it. A bigger one? I throw the Fire Ball, and everyone is safe. No party gets ruined, no one gets hurt. It’s a true party savior!

Why you need this Fire Extinguisher Ball?

This innovative ball, equipped with advanced intelligence, automatically detects flames and springs into action when temperatures reach 185°F, eliminating the need for human intervention. Despite its compact size, it is a versatile powerhouse capable of extinguishing various types of fires, from Class A (paper) to Class F (grease), including electrical blazes. What sets it apart is its eco-friendly powder, ensuring it is harmless to breathe and won’t damage belongings, making it a considerate hero in times of crisis.

Designed for universal use, this user-friendly ball simplifies fire safety for all ages and abilities. Its application is not restricted to a specific room; it can be placed anywhere in your home, from kitchens and garages to workshops and even your car, acting as an invisible network of firefighters ready to respond instantly. 

Why is this Fire Extinguisher Ball Better than the traditional?

The Fire Extinguisher Ball stands out with several distinct advantages when compared to traditional fire extinguishers. Firstly, its intelligent design eliminates the need for human intervention, automatically detecting flames and activating at 185°F, providing crucial seconds for evacuation. In contrast to traditional extinguishers that require aiming and squeezing, the ball only needs to be thrown in the fire’s general direction.

Safety is enhanced as the ball employs an eco-friendly powder, eliminating the risk of harmful chemicals and ensuring it’s safe to inhale while leaving no stains on belongings. Additionally, the design minimizes the need to approach flames directly, reducing the risk of burns.


Dr. Angelo *** Abuja


ball that puts out fires? It sounded too good to be true. But my daughter convinced me to give it a try, and let me tell you, I’m a believer now! Even an old lady like me can easily toss it towards a fire. It’s the best gift I could ever give myself and my peace of mind.

Mr Philip *** Abuja


What I love most is its simplicity. No heavy extinguisher to lug around, no chemical smells. I keep it near my workshop. If engine oil catches fire, I don’t need to panic. The Fire Ball extinguishes it quickly. No more fire worries, I can focus on my work

Ngozi *** Enugu


This Fire Ball is a lifesaver! Before, I constantly worried about fire at my stall. Now, I just keep one there, and it brings me immense peace of mind. In a crowded market, who can use a bulky extinguisher? But even a child can throw the Fire Ball! It’s a true game-changer.

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